Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton

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Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton produced by Cropwell Bishop Creamery Limited is traditional Stilton handmade from cow's milk using methods that have changed very little since the 17th century.

Easily, England s most prestigious PDO cheese, Blue Stilton graces every cheeseboard and many a holiday celebration. Cropwell Bishop is among one of the finest blues on the market.

Cropwell Bishop has a rich and complex flavour with a fine balance of creaminess and strong blue flavours. Smooth, creamy, mushroom notes, sharp and tangy. Blue/green veins spreading through the cheese with the main body cream in colour. Rind is a tan colour with presence of white mould patches. 

-Cows Milk



Whole cheese price £11.13 per Kg please contact for exact weights and availability.

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john Crane - peterborough

Wonderful cheese

The best ever Stilton I've tasted - will order more in time for Xmas